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Data Transfer Scenarios

The iTransfer facilitates integrations with third parties by enabling the exchange of data into and out of iMIS.

It supports two primary operating facets, inbound webhooks and outbound jobs.

(tick) Supported Scenarios

The following data operations are supported by the iTransfer app at this time:

Outbound Data

Sending data to a third party on a schedule via a supported protocol (FTP, SFTP, HTTP) in a supported data format (JSON, CSV/TSV).

Only bulk operations are supported, e.g. sending the entire payload, or chunks of a payload, via independent requests containing a JSON array.

Inbound Data

The only supported scenario at this time is accepting data via a webhook (HTTP POST) and writing it into iMIS or performing some action within iMIS.

(error) Unsupported Scenarios

The following data operations are not supported by the iTransfer at this time. Contact CSI if you would like to discuss the possible implementation of one of these scenarios.

  • Fetching data from a third party API on a schedule or when third party data changes, and writing or syncing it into iMIS

  • Sending data to a third party when a certain event occurs within iMIS (e.g. an order was placed or a member updates their profile)

  • Making a call to a third party endpoint, retrieving the response body, and acting on the contents of the response

  • Webhooks that support JSON arrays or complex/nested properties as payloads

  • Sending data to a third party on a schedule when the third party API requires complex operations

    • For example, a third party API that implements OAuth sign-in, or requires one or many calls per record to update various data, is not supported

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