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Communication Preferences Tutorial



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iMIS 2017 Compatible


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By using the Communication Preferences source within iDMS, you will have access to opt people in or out of different options:

To opt someone into a certain communication preference, you would simply use one of the following:

  • Yes

  • 1

  • True

If you want to opt someone out, you would simply use one of these:

  • No

  • 0

  • False

How would you do this with your mappings? You have two options. 

  1. You can have a column in your spreadsheet (or IQA) that contains one of the above values. Dependent on the value in your data source, it will opt the individual in or out of the respective Communication Preference. 

  2. You can hardcode one of the above values in the bottom portion of the mapping. This would be used if records in the data source are ALL being opted in or being opted out. This is a static value, so it would be applied to all the records in your data source.


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