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Committees Tutorial



EMS Compatible


iMIS 2017 Compatible


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Insert, Insert with Matching, Update, Insert & Update

There are two different types of Committee Imports. Committee Activities will add members to a Committee. Committee Codes will create a new Committee.

Committee Activities

For Updating, Sequence Number will be an available field. This should always be Matched On. If you do not have the sequence number, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to Match On as many fields as possible and have the Skip Update if More Than 1 Record Found option on. 


Required Fields

  • iMIS ID - The ID of the record to be added to the Committee

  • Committee Code - The Committee Code of the Committee that the ID is being added to

  • Position Code - The Code of the Position the ID will hold on the Committee

    • These codes are found in iMIS at Settings > Contacts > Committee positions

Settings > Contacts > Committee positions

Optional Fields

  • Activity Type – A valid activity type to associate with the activity created from this process

  • Transaction Date – The transaction date that will show when the activity was created

  • Term Start – The date this person joins the Committee

  • Term End – The date this person is no longer a part of the Committee

  • Notes – Can be used to provide other details as needed

View Example Spreadsheet and Mappings

Committee Codes


Required Fields

  • Name - Name of the Committee

  • Code - The Committee Code that will be used to add members to the Committee. An example is "AWARDS" for an Awards Committee

  • Description - Description of the Committee

Optional Fields

  • Status - The status of the Committee (Active or Inactive). If left blank, the Committee will be set to Active

View Example Spreadsheet and Mappings

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