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Chapter/Company Actions

How to use a Manage Members Radio page to insert activities to Chapter/Company records. 

  1. Create a workflow action for each action type desired. 
  2. Make sure activity mapping is accurate to insert the desired activity. 
  3. These activities could be used for informational purposes only or can perform updates against the chapter/company record such as update Name.STATUS. 
    1. Updates to a script may be required. Discuss with your CSI Account Manager. 
    2. Depending on ICE Configuration, you may be able to configure updates within Workflow > Review > Manage Membership Actions
  4. Create a roster query that will contain the applicable chapters/companies. (Settings > Rosters Configuration)
  5. Create a new Sitemap node using the Manager Members Radio control. 
    1. Add the workflow actions code to the Parameters tab
      1. Update the demographics for each step to be applicable to chapter/company records
      2. Select Roster Query
    2. Update the content blocks as applicable
  6. Test your new page! 


Workflow Action = CHP_CLOSE (close chapter)

Activity Mapping = Chapter Status activity with Product Code of CLOSE

Roster Query

Sitemap Node

Sitemap Parameters - add workflow action code and set demographic fields per step (note: you can have multiple actions on one page)

Sitemap Parameters - select Roster Query


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