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Add Member Configuration

This new feature exists in ICE version 5.1 and forward. It allows the ICE Admin to create and maintain multiple add member type pages. This feature does not enable management of legacy add new member page. 

  1. Create new workflow action (Workflow > Actions > Create (or clone)) that will be used for the add new member page (or you can use a current workflow action)
    1. In this example, we created MEM_ADDALUMINIT for adding a new alum initiate record into iMIS. (we cloned the MEM_ADDNEW action that is currently used to add new collegiate members)
      1. Make sure to update the other sections like qualifiers, additional information and activity mapping.
  2. Now we need to create the page that will be used by the chapter officer to add the new member.
  3. Go to Profiles > Member Forms > Actions > Create
  4. Select AddNewMember as Form Type
  5. Set a Title and Description to identify how this page will be used. In our example, we called it "Add Alum Initiate"
  6. Select the Design tab
  7. On the left side, select a source that contains the field you would like to collect from the chapter officer about the new member. 
    1. We recommend collecting First Name, Last Name and Email at a minimum which is required to create a record in iMIS

      ContactSame fields as in CsContact business object or the Name table
      AddressSame fields as in CsAddress business object or the Name_Address table
      ExtTableAllows selection from current User Defined tables
  8. To add a field to your form, select it on the left and drag it to the right in the area you would like. You will see a green border showing you a location where the field can be placed.
  9. Release of your mouse click will take you to the field properties window. 
    1. You can modify the label which is what the user will see. 
    2. The file column header would be the header used for the new member import file (license required)
    3. You can select if the field should be required.
    4. You can identify the format of the field under Render As.
      1. NOTE: when selecting State/Province or Country, select Dropdown under Render As. The state and country lists used in iMIS will automatically be used for these fields unless you specify other general lookup validation tables. 
    5. You can add Regex validation
      1. Regular Expression Examples
        1.  U.S. Zip Code: ^\d{5}(?:[-\s]\d{4})?$
        2. Canadian and U.S. Zip Code: ^\d{5}-\d{4}|\d{5}|[A-Z]\d[A-Z] \d[A-Z]\d$
        3. Phone Number: ^\+?(\d{1,3})?[\s.-]?\(?\d{3}\)?[\s.-]?\d{3}[\s.-]?\d{4}(\s?[a-zA-Z\s,.!?]*\d{1,5})?$

        4. Email: \s*\w+([-+.']\w+)*@\w+([-.]\w+)*\.\w+([-.]\w+)*\s*
    6. You can specify conditional validation to require a field if a criteria is met. In this example, I am going to require Cell Phone if Home Phone is not populated.
      1. You would select the Conditional Element which should be another field in your form. 
      2. You then would specify the value expected to require the field. 
      3. You can also specify the error message that appears if conditional validation is not met. 

      4. Message example shown to user
  10. Use the Add New Row button to include a new section to separate your field groupings if desired
  11. Click on the Section header to change the text that will appear above your field grouping.
  12. When editing the section header, you can also select to add another column to your page if desired.

  13. To move a Section, select the "=" to the left of the section header and drag the entire section to the desired new location.
  14. The Options tab will provide a link to view your form in the user interface.
  15. Select the Preview tab to view your form within ICE admin along with the template file if in use.
  16. Now you are ready to add your form to the sitemap! Got to Sitemaps > Manage > Select applicable sitemap
  17. Select the menu area you would like to add a new item under and use the green plus sign to add a new sitemap node. 
  18. On the Properties tab, select the AddMembers URL control
  19. On the Parameters tab, select the workflow product and member form you created above. In our example, our workflow product is Add alum initiate and our member form is also Add alum initiate.
    1. Select if you would like to enable the member import file (license required).
    2. Under the Membership Options section, this is where you will specify the member type, status and category for the new record that will be created in iMIS.


      The membership options should MATCH your qualifiers for the workflow action you are using on the page so that your membership script will continue to process necessary updates. 

    3. Don't forget to update your content blocks! The content blocks pulled in by default will be the same used on your current add new member page so you may want to create new content blocks for this new page. 
  20. You are ready to test adding new members! 
  21. Go to your new menu item in the user interface and go through the steps to add new members.
    1. Confirm any validation applied is working as expected. 
    2. Confirm records are created as expected. 
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