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Registration IQA


To get started, download the registration IQA query.

Download the Registration IQA Query here

 (Note: You will need to be logged into the CSI Cloud Dashboard before being able to download this IQA). Log in here

NOTE: This is a sample IQA query. You can take this query and use it as a template for your own query. The Filters CsContact.iMIS Id and CsContact.Email must be present in the query in order for the integration to work. The column names present in this query match to what Cvent is expecting to receive on their side. If you change the column names, you could see erratic data behaviors (or none at all). If you add fields to the query, you must create custom fields within Cvent to be able to handle that data transfer. 

How to Import the IQA Query

Browse Your iMIS Staff Website

Login to your staff site as a manager

Open The Intelligent Query Architect Page

Navigate to the menu item RiSE > Intelligent Query Architect

Open The Import Window

Click on the Import menu item to open the Import window

Open The File Dialog Window

Click on the Select button to open the file dialog window

Select A File To Upload

Browse to and select an IQA XML file to upload Download IQA Here

Upload An IQA File

Click on the Upload button to upload the IQA XML file

Import An IQA

Click on the Import button to open the import the IQA file

Confirm Import Is Completed

Review the Messages output field: it should inform the IQA has been successfully imported

Review Import

The IQA should appear in the tree navigation window and should be able to open and run the IQA then

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