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Stopping Rebilling Plan in BluePay

You will need to stop the Rebilling Plan set up in BluePay by following the directions below. Simply updating the IsActive flag on the Recurring Plan in iMIS will not stop Rebilling Plan. The IsActive flag in iMIS is for reporting purposes only.

(warning) Setting the IsActive flag in iMIS to 0 (unchecked) and leaving the recurring gift plan in BluePay as active will continue to charge the card on file, but you will not see any data correctly written back to iMIS, as iMIS is expecting the gift plan to be deactivated. It is incredibly important to have both the IsActive flag unchecked and the rebilling plan cancelled in BluePay to end a recurring gift.

1) Find the rebilling plan in BluePay and click the icon under Option to select REBILL DETAILS


2) Click on Edit to edit the plan (either Edit button works):


3) Select the Drop Down menu for the Status field and select STOPPED. Then click Save Changes:


4) After clicking Save Changes, your page should look like the screenshot below (notice the Status is now Stopped):


5) Lastly, do not forget to update the IsActive flag in iMIS to inactive. This flag will still show as active unless you manually update it


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