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Error Code Reference

CSiDonate can throw a number of error codes or messages for various reasons. This page outlines some possible causes and troubleshooting steps for each error message.

Error codes can be found on the error page, just below the error message. Error codes start with E_.

Some common error code messages that are displayed to the user can be customized on the Text and Content admin page. These are denoted with the icon.

Common Error Messages

Donors may see these error messages during normal operation of the product.


The payment was declined by the payment processor. Either the account is locked due to a security/fraud alert, or there were insufficient funds in the account. In most cases, this is an issue between the donor and their bank/card company.


The donor attempted to donate an amount that was less than the specified minimum donation amount.

Customize the minimum allowed donation amount in System Settings > Finance.


Occurs when the user leaves their browser window open/idle on the donation form for too long (typically 10-20 minutes).

Simply reload the donation form and attempt the donation again.

Uncommon Error Messages

Donors may see these error messages, however they are not as common as the errors above.


The credit card/payment type is not supported by BluePay, or is not enabled in CSiDonate.

For example, if a donor attempts to donate using a Discover card, and your BluePay account does not have Discover card processing enabled OR the Discover icon is not enabled in the CSiDonate system settings, you will see this message.


Indicates that a previous donation attempt failed, and the session has not been cleared.

To remedy this, browse the donation form again and manually refresh it. Clearing the browser cache may also help.


An exception occurred during the service call to process the payment. The payment likely failed, or is in a partial state.


This error code indicates that the CSiDonate webservices / API was unable to communicate with the remote payment processing endpoint, or the request timed out.

Ensure that the iMIS app server / scheduler can access without error.


Indicates that some of the other payment details (cardholder name, expiration, or CVV2 code) were invalid.

This error does not usually appear, since there are browser-based checks that validate these entries before the form is submitted.


Indicates that the credit card number was not valid. Check the number for typos and try again.

This error does not usually appear, since there are browser-based checks that validate these entries before the form is submitted.


Indicates that the routing number supplied was not valid. Check the number for typos and try again.

This error does not usually appear, since there are browser-based checks that validate these entries before the form is submitted.


Indicates that a previous payment that succeeded was re-submitted by mistake (typically via use of the browser's back button).


CSiDonate was not able to resolve a cash account code with the information in the current donation. Verify financial account settings are correct, and contact CSI if this error persists.


CSiDonate was not able to resolve a distribution code for this donation. Distribution codes are required for gift processing. Please update template settings and try another donation. Contact CSI if this error persists.


Indicates that the selected cash account cannot be used for the currently active payment type or payment service.

E.g. if you select a cash account of type "Credit Card" and attempt to use the "BluePay" payment service, you will receive this error because the BluePay payment service requires a cash account of type "Cash".

System Error Messages

These error messages indicate that the system is not configured correctly. These errors should be resolved as soon as possible, and are not typical during the day-to-day operation of the product.


CSiDonate is not licensed. Please contact CSI to obtain a license key or to have your licensing updated/reapplied.


Indicates that the Payment Gateway is not set up correctly in iMIS. Check the username and password of the currently active payment gateway and try again.


CSiDonate is not able to connect to its webservice endpoint. Please verify the webservice URL setting in the System Settings area.


This indicates a payment was made, but no receipt was found in the session. It is likely the ASP.NET session is corrupt or was reset.


CSiDonate failed to initialize its connection to iMIS. Most of the time, this means that either iMIS is down, or the MANAGER password on file is incorrect. Verify:

  • The iMIS Staff and Scheduler sites are up and running

  • The MANAGER password is correct (re-enter if necessary)

    • Find the MANAGER credentials under System Settings > General


CSiDonate encountered a general or unknown application error. Please contact CSI if this error persists.


Unused. Reserved for future use.


The CSiDonate app is in an unknown state, or session state is not working correctly. Check ASP.NET Session settings, and try recycling the CSiDonate app pool(s), resetting IIS, or rebooting the web server.


Indicates that the financial account currently in use is not set up correctly, is missing required information, or there are no financial accounts configured.

Check financial account setup, and verify that financial accounts are selected in the System Settings and Template(s).

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