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Support Guidelines Overview


This article outlines the types of product, application, and technical support offered by CSI, including definitions for types of support, estimated turnaround times, and communication methods.

Service Availability

Business Hours

Contact CSI via phone Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Time. Email and internet support requests are accepted 24 hours per day.

Non-business Hours

Questions submitted after 5:00pm and before 8:30am Central Time, or on the weekends, will be addressed during business hours. Service is not available during the following observed company holidays:

  • New Year’s Day

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Day after Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

  • New Year’s Eve

  • Other days as designated 

Consulting/Support Services

The following options are available for product support, iMIS support, and general consulting services.

A) Standard Support

Defined As

CSI's Standard Support addresses items such as:

- How-to questions

- Basic troubleshooting

- CSI product support 

- iMIS questions

Communication Methods

Tickets can be submitted using our Request Support Form.

E-mailing our support team will create a service ticket that will be addressed by our support team. 

Alternatively, you may initiate a ticket using the CSI Support portal.

Response Time

You will get an automated response from our ticketing system acknowledging receipt of your inquiry shortly after your submission.  CSI's initial tailored response will be within two (2) business days. It is important to remember that solving the issue may take longer than two (2) business days.

B) Emergency Support

Defined As

CSI's Emergency Support is defined when more than one user is unable to perform critical business functions due to iMIS software issues or when a website (including ICE or CSiDonate) is down.

Communication Methods

All Emergency requests must be submitted via a support ticket with "Emergency" in the subject line of the email or ticket, and immediately followed up with a phone call to CSI at +1 630-681-1100. 

Alternatively, initiating a ticket with the Request Support Form and selecting the urgency as emergency.  As with the email request, please follow up with a phone call to +1 630-681-1100 immediately after initiating an emergency request.

Response Time

Initial response will be within two (2) business hours.  It is important to remember that solving the issue may take longer than two (2) business hours.

C) Projects

Defined As

Project work falls outside of CSI's standard support and involves doing work beyond the Standard Support scope identified above when the total level of effort is expected to be either 40 hours or more, or have a complexity that requires us to use our project tools and structure.  Examples include Report Writing, Scripts/Triggers, Custom Documentation, Data Import/Conversions, Custom Programming, Additional Setup and Configuration, Client Meetings/Training, etc.  Project work typically involves a larger scope than traditional support requests, and will go through CSI's Projects Process for Scope Definition, Quoting, and Project Delivery.  

Communication Methods

If you have a designated CSI Account Manager, please contact them to discuss project work.  Otherwise, submit a support ticket with "Project" in the subject line to help initiate the project.  During projects, respond to any project ticket emails directly so that communications are recorded in each ticket.

Response Time

CSI will provide a Service Order for the project-based work with an estimated cost and completion date at the customer’s request.  Note: You are responsible for approving the Service Order before work can commence.  

D) iMIS Related Component Upgrades

Defined As

ASI requires iMIS be kept within two versions of the current major release.  It is CSI’s policy to wait at least one month after major and maintenance releases unless the release addresses a specific issue you may be having with iMIS.  This allows CSI to complete in-house testing (as well as monitor ASI communications) to ensure that the release is as stable as possible.  This includes iMIS related components such as SQL Server, Windows, .NET Framework, and IIS versions.

Communication Methods

Upgrades to your infrastructure, iMIS, CSI products (including ICE and CSiDonate) should be discussed with your account manager during your scheduled calls. Alternatively, you may submit a support request to initiate an upgrade request.

Response Time

If more than 10 hours is expected for the upgrade, CSI will provide a Service Order for the project-based work with an estimated cost and completion date.  Alternatively, if the upgrade work is less than 10 hours of effort, the work will be scheduled and prioritized.  


Network, Operating System, and Service Packs must follow ASI guidelines. To ensure iMIS compatibility, contact CSI before making any changes to these components.

Billing Practices

Quality Work and Billing

CSI is a customer-dedicated consulting firm, and it is our goal to have extremely satisfied customers.  We accomplished this by performing quality work. 

Our billing practices are the following:

  • We bill for time spent on a project/task/service order, as work is performed.

  • Bills are sent out on a monthly basis following a 4/4/5 quarterly calendar.  The Invoice for months 1 & 2 of a quarter will have 4 weeks of services, and month 3 will have 5 weeks of service.  This repeats each quarter.

  • Terms are NET 30.

If you ever have an issue with a bill you have received from us, please call us at +1 630 681-1100 to discuss it as soon as possible.

Discontinuance of Service

We are unable to serve clients with balances over 45 days past due.

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