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Onboarding: Implementation Calls

Implementation Call 1: Welcome!


  • Welcome to the RFM Module! 

  • Overview: Resources (documentation site; enhancement google sheet) 

  • Overview: Suggestions During Implementation (email setup, decision maker, enhancements desired, internal IQA training)

  • Discussion: Report Management & Adobe Acrobat

  • Discussion: Pre-Work Items 1 & 2

  • Discussion: Decisions to Make 

Decisions to Make: 

  • Location of Module on iMIS Sitemap 

  • Permissions for Module

Follow Up Items: 

  • Client: Work Item 1

  • Client: Work Item 2 

  • Client: Begin Wish List

  • CSI: Upload Initial Set of RFM Reports

  • CSI: Provide Client List of School Names to Map 

  • CSI: Deploy SQL Elements in Client Environment 

Implementation Call 2: Tour of Module


  • Tour of Module 

  • Discussion: Review of Data 

  • Discussion: Report Versioning

  • Configure: Cloud Dashboard Settings

  • Discussion: Revisit Any Pending Decisions

  • Discussion: Decisions to Make

Decisions to Make:

  • Who will be receiving the error notifications from the module? 

  • Who will be conducting the data review?

  • Who will be correcting the PDFs? 

  • Who will be sending them in to be scanned once corrected?

Follow Up Items: 

  • Client: Get in the Module and Play Around! 

  • Client: Correct Reports as Needed

  • CSI: Provide Emails of Errored Reports

  • CSI: Upload Mapped Schools & IDs to Cloud Dashboard 

  • CSI: Submit all RFM Reports to Live Environment 

  • CSI: Submit Reports to Live Client Database 

Implementation Call 3: Questions and Clarifications


  • Discussion: Questions & Answers

  • Discussion: Revisit Any Pending Decisions

  • Discussion: Decisions to Make

Decisions to Make:

  • Who will be setting up the automation for the Outlook inbox? 

  • Who will create the internal documentation for your correction process? 

Follow Up Items: 

  • Client: Correcting any Outstanding Incorrect Reports

Final Call: Project Closeout


  • Finalize any Outstanding Decisions

  • Project Closeout

  • Future Planning

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