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Refunding a Gift or Pledge Payment


This article outlines how to refund a gift or a pledge payment - there are two different methods and you should choose the appropriate one based on your Credit Card Processor.


If the gift or pledge payment was paid for by check or you use PayFlow Pro as your Credit Card Gateway

  1. Open a new batch
  2. Go to Fundraising > Process Payments, click New
  3. Enter the ID
  4. In the Check/CC field, enter Refund
  5. Leave the Payment Amount field blank
  6. In the Amt Paid field on the PrePay – New line, enter the gift amount as a POSITIVE amount
  7. On the Gift line, enter the original amount of the gift as a NEGATIVE amount in the Amt Paid field

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  8. Issue a Credit Memo to the gift (don't forget the pesky Find Pledge Button at the bottom of the screen). If a pledge is being cancelled altogether, then the Credit Memo must be applied to the outstanding balance on each installment.

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  9. Issue a refund
    1. If you need to cut a check, AR/Cash - Month End Procedures - Credit Invoices.  After crediting the invoice, you will need to cut a check from accounting.
    2. If you need to refund via credit card, enter a negative credit card payment against the credit balance (you will either need the credit card# or you will need to credit in PayPal and then enter negative payment in iMIS)

If the gift or pledge payment was paid for via Credit Card and you use BluePay as your Gateway and Processor

STOP - There is currently a bug in RefundXpress when refunding the down payment for a multi-installment pledge. If you need to refund the down payment, please contact CSI at for assistance.

For now, when creating a new pledge, enter the pledge without any payment, save it, and then process a payment to it. That separate payment can be refunded safely with RefundXpress. We are currently working with the vendor to get a patch to allow proper refunding of a down payment. Please Contact CSI at if you have any question about this.

Usage Note. The Refund Xpress module had an update in July 2022 which resolved an issue in 

  1. Begin by performing your refund with RefundXpress
  • From the Staff site, click on RefundXpress (generally located under Finance or Commerce)
  • Look up the ID of the record containing the Gift and click Search.
  • Locate the Gift line item, type in the refund amount and click Refund.
  • After all refunds are completed, please post the auto created Refund batch (called 'BluePay Refund' by default)
  • Open a new batch for reversing the Gift or Pledge charges 
  • Issue a Credit Memo to the gift or pledge payment (don't forget the pesky Find Pledge Button at the bottom of the screen)

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  • All done
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