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Increasing a Pledge with Installments


This article outlines how to increase pledge installment amounts, or the number of overall installments for a pledge.


  1. Open a new batch on the date the donor asked to increase their pledge
  2. Go to Fundraising > Enter and edit adjustments > Pledge debit memos
  3. Click New, enter the ID and then click the Find Pledge button at the very bottom of the screen
  4. Enter the amount to adjust in one or more of the existing Pledge installments that have a balance on them
    • In the case where the donor wants to increase their current payments, adjust each future unpaid installment by the amount of the increase
    • In the case where the donor wants to increase the number of pledge installments, increase the Final installment and then use FRease to adjust/add future installment dates
  5. Click Save

Example of increasing future pledge installments by $250 for a total increase of $4,000 to the pledge

Example of Increasing pledge by $4,000 and then using FRease to add future installments
Note: FRease work not shown

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