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iMIS Desktop and Customer Portfolio Crashes


When the iMIS Desktop runs, it creates a log on the computer where it is running.  This log file is updated throughout the day with minor bits of information.  However, if the iMIS desktop crashes, this log file will have valuable information in it that should be sent to CSI.

To send your log file to CSI, you must be on the computer where the crash occurred.

Sending Your Log File(s) to CSI

Click on Start - and then search for %tmp% - alternatively from Windows Explorer, type in %tmp%

From there, open the asitemp folder and you will see a asi......log file for the last few days you have been using iMIS.  All log files from the day of the crash are important.  Simply email those to CSI Support along with a description (or a screen shot) of the crash from iMIS and we can help diagnose the issue.

Video Walkthrough

The following video demonstrates finding these log files:


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