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Credit Invoices (2017)


The process of Crediting Invoices in 2017 is used to refund a member/donor who is owed money by your organization. A sample might look like this


Therefore the process of Crediting an Invoice in 2017 involves removing the negative Accounts Receivable (credit) with a debit to the Refund Clearing account which is then used in the Accounting System for the refund.

iMIS Documentation Here


  1. Confirm that you have a Refund Clearing account entered in AR/Cash → Set up module → Default Accounts. Do not confuse with Refund AP which is used for GP Dynamics Refunds.

  2. Open a batch for the proper date of the refund

  3. AR/Cash → Process month-end procedures

  4. Mark the outstanding negative balances you wish to refund.

If you need a quick way to search for a given invoice, you can highlight the first item, press * and then start typing anything - including the amount, part of the name/company, or the Invoice/Ref. It will do a wild card search. To find the next instance of a match, press + and to move back up the match list press - . Remember, you must first click on the top line before pressing *.

  1. Click the Issue Refunds button and confirm with Yes. This can not be un-done.


  1. iMIS will generate a print out of each member that needs to have a check cut for them from the accounting system. This should be used by Finance to cut the check.


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