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To view payment logs, click on the Logs tab at the top of the page.


An example of the logs screen in iMIS QuickPay. (This table contains demonstration data only.)

The logs screen shows the following information:

  • Timestamp of the payment (in UTC)

  • Payment Status ((tick) for success or (error) for failure/error)

  • iMIS Invoice (Reference) Number

  • iMIS Bill To ID

  • Invoice Balance / Payment Amount

  • Gateway Reference Number (Can be used to look up the payment in iMIS)

  • IP Address of the payor who paid

  • Error message (if the payment was not successful)


The log table will only display payments that were successfully processed by iMIS Pay, and sent to our servers for payment finalization/processing. Failed payment attempts (insufficient funds, fraud declines, deactivated credit card accounts, etc.) do not appear in this table. Contact ASI if you are experiencing issues processing payments using iMIS QuickPay and there is no associated log entry in the QuickPay dashboard.

At this time, it is not possible to export the logs. Support for CSV export may be added at a later date.

The logs table is currently limited to only displaying the most recent 1,000 payment records.

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