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Action: Update a contact's mailing address


iMIS IDstringThe iMIS ID of the address to update
Address 1stringAddress Line 1
Address 2stringAddress Line 2
Address 3stringAddress Line 3
City NamestringCity name on the address
State/Province CodestringAbbreviated code for the state/province
Postal CodestringPostal or ZIP code
Country CodestringAbbreviated country code
Phone NumberstringFormatted phone number for this address
Email AddressstringEmail for this address
Fax NumberstringFormatted fax number for this address



​addressId​Address IDstring

Unique ID for this address record.

addressLinesAddress Linesstring

Newline-separated address street lines.

cityCity Namestring

City name on the address.

stateProvinceCodeState/Province Codestring

Abbreviated code for the state/province.

postalCodePostal Codestring

Postal or ZIP code.

countryCodeCountry Codestring

Abbreviated country code.

phonePhone Numberstring

Formatted phone number for this address.

emailEmail Addressstring

Email for this address.

fullAddressFull Addressstring

Full computed address with newlines.

nameAndFullAddressName and Full Addressstring

Full computed address with the contact's name on the first line.

addressPurposeAddress PurposestringFull computed address with the contact's name on the first line.
communicationPreferencesCommunication Preference ListArray(string)

Address purpose (category) names.

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