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Mobile iEmail Cloud

How to use iEmail Cloud on your mobile device.

  1. You will need to download the Microsoft Outlook app on to your mobile device. (NOTE: You may also use on a browser on your phone)

       2. Once you have downloaded the app and then subsequently signed in with your email account, you should start to see your existing emails. As long as you have installed the iEmail Cloud add-in to your account (within Outlook or Office 365) you are now ready to use it on your mobile device. Open an existing email, like below, and click on the "..." within the email.

         3.  This will open an option menu for Add-ins like you see below. Simply click iEmail Cloud and use normally. 🙂

At this time, Microsoft does not support application add-ins on mobile devices to work while sending emails. We are hopeful that Microsoft will enable 3rd party functionality from the send screen in the future.

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