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Chapter Order Supply

iMIS Setup

Add available products to General lookup/validation table(s)

  1. All the products you want to be available for order in ICE should be in a General Lookup Validation table. Make sure the code in the table matches exactly to the product code in the AR/Cash product table. 


  1. Make sure the title and price in the product table is correct.


ICE Setup

Add to sitemap in ICE Admin

  1. Within ICE admin, go to edit the sitemap

  2. Add a new menu item in the location you prefer

  3. In the URL area, you will select the following URL: ~/ICE/Actions/SupplyOrder.aspx

  4. Set the appropriate security roles

  5. Save Properties

Edit content blocks

  1. Select the Content Blocks tab from the sitemap node to see the available content blocks

    1. Update the content blocks for each step:

      1. Step 1: Basic instructions and option to select previously saved order.

      2. Step 2: Confirm shipping address.

      3. Step 3: Select products and quantity

      4. Step 4: Submit or Save

      5. Step 5: Receipt

    2. The OrderSupplyVerification content block will appear right above where the user will enter their name and today's date to complete the order on step 4.

    3. The OrderSupplyWhySave content block will appear in the option to save the order area on step 4.

Set Parameters

  1. Select the Parameters tab from the sitemap node to update the following:

    1. You can give new titles to each step in the process. Note the titles that appear are the defaults.

    2. Select the Gen Lookup Validation table that contains the product list for this sitemap node. This gives you the ability to have multiple order supply pages that have different product lists.

    3. Identify cash account. Defaults will be used if not selected.

    4. You can also use a Gen Lookup Validation table to specify the shipping methods you would like displayed.  You can also specify if the user is required to select a shipping method.


How users will order products in ICE

  1. After selecting the menu option, step 1 will allow them to select previously saved orders.


2. A shipping address from the chapter record can be selected or a previously entered shipping address can be selected. OR a new address can be entered. They can also insert any comments for special shipping instructions.

3. The user can search for an item and specify the quantity to order. The Sub Total column will show the price according to quantity entered. 


4. The user will then review the order information and has the option to save the order to make changes later or submit the order.

5. Last step provides a receipt for review and printing.


What you will see in iMIS

Orders from ICE will appear in iMIS as SALES transactions.

Information for Reporting

  1. Table: csi_ICE_OrderSupply_Orders

    1. Contains the shipping address information, cash account code, invoice number and transaction number

    2. ContactID = Chapter ID

    3. CreatedOn = Submitted date

    4. CreatedBy = who placed the order

    5. Link with the below table by Order ID

  2. Table: csi_ICE_OrderSupply_OrderLines

    1. Contains the details of each order – Product code, title, amount, quantity and activity sequence number

  3. Table: csi_ICE_OrderSupply_OrderInProgress

    1. Contains information on saved orders

  4. Table: csi_ICE_OrderSupply_ShippingAddress

    1. Contains saved shipping addresses

  5. You can also use the information in Activity table:

    1. Activity.Activity_Type = SALES

    2. Activity.Product_Code – will be the item code, i.e. CH_PENLIGHT

    3. Activity.Description – will be the description of the item, i.e. Pen Light

    4. Activity.Amount – will be the amount according to the number of items ordered, i.e. $30 =10 pen lights at $3 each.

    5. Connect to Name table to get chapter name and shipping address information.

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