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Chapter List Management

Group by chapter type

To create groupings for the chapter list in the Jump-To control in ICE, create a view that will have the following items:

  1. iMIS ID of the chapter

  2. Field Value to be used as a method for grouping (organizing) chapters

If you add this "Grouping" as a demographic and name it "GroupRank," the chapter Jump-To control will then subdivide the chapters based on the value defined in the view.


  1. Log into ICE admin

  2. Select Demographic > Definition

  1. Click the Add new record button

  1. Add the new demographic settings

    1. Name: Must be named GroupRank

    2. Table Name: Name of the table or view

    3. Field Name: Name of the column that defines the grouping

    4. Label: User friendly name for the field

    5. Object Type: Must be "Group"

    6. Click "Insert" to save the demographic

  1. The Chapter dropdown list (Jump-To) will now be grouped by the new demographic

Note: The dropdown list is cached and is refreshed upon login. To see your updates, logout and login. 

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