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Released with ICE version 5.1, a new calendar control option provides a way to utilize a typical calendar display to show specified dates.

  1. Add a new sitemap node and select the "~/ICE/Events/EventCalendar.aspx?calname=" option
    1. You can have multiple calendars showing different data so you should add a unique value after the "=" sign to identify each calendar in use. 
  2. Once properties are saved, select the Parameters tab. 
  3. A view is required to supply the calendar with the data you would like to display. The view should return the following fields:

    FieldData TypeDescription
    Event IDCHARID to identify unique event (workflowtran_key could be used)
    Chapter IDCHARID to be passed in for ContactID parameter. 
    TitleCHARTitle to be shown for event
    DescriptionCHARDescription to be shown for event
    Begin DateDATE or DATETIMEStart date of event
    End DateDATE or DATETIMEEnd date of event

    Example View

    CREATE VIEW [dbo].[vcsi_GetChapterCalendarEvents]
    		d.WORKFLOWTRAN_KEY as EventId,
    		d.ID as ContactId,
    		d.Title as Title,
    		d.Description as Description,
    		d.CD_Start as BeginDate,
    		d.CD_End as EndDate 
    	FROM	Demo_Chapter_Dates d
  4. Enter the name of the view on the Parameters tab. 
  5. Enter the field names provided by the view to define each field. 
  6. Once data is submitted, events will appear on Calendar. 
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