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Installing the GL Processor


This article will explain how to install the GL Processor.

These instructions need to be completed once for each workstation/user using the GL Processor.

For terminal servers, the product is installed only for the local user (in Local AppData).

Only users who regularly run a G/L Export from iMIS Desktop need to install the GL Processor.


The workstation or terminal server installing the GL Processor must have the following prerequisites met:

  • iMIS Desktop is installed on the same computer where the GL Processor runs

  • A folder must be set up to store the processed and archived files. This folder must be accessible by iMIS Desktop and the user running the GL Processor. Mapped network drives (with a drive letter) are OK.

    • The folder must have three sub-folders:

      • A folder where iMIS writes the GL file to (referred to as the "Output Path")

        • Ex: S:\Accounting\GL\From iMIS\

      • A folder that will contain the processed files that are ready to be imported into your accounting software (referred to as the "Input Path")

        • Ex: S:\Accounting\GL\Ready to Import\

      • A folder containing previously-processed (unchanged) exports from iMIS, used as a backup folder (referred to as the "Archive Path")

        • Ex: S:\Accounting\GL\Archive\

  • In iMIS, in the AR/Cash module under Set up module, the G/L Interface settings need to be configured as such:

    • GL Interface type must be set to Generic or Generic 2000.

    • Summarize By must be set to Detail (Batch may also work in certain configurations).

    • The Output file/path name must be set to the Output path from the previous step and must also have a filename on the end that ends in .csv.

      • Ex: S:\Accounting\GL\From iMIS\GLInt.csv

    • The Conversion Program file path will be set by the GL Processor in a subsequent step. (You can leave it blank.)

    • The other settings do not affect the GL Processor and can be set according to your business needs.


Run the GL Processor installation EXE. Follow the prompts to install the application.

When finished, run the GL Processor.

You will be prompted to log into iMIS. Log in with a staff account that has full access to the Customer and AR/Cash modules.

You should be presented with a blank GL Processor configuration screen.

Before configuring these options, go to  > Advanced > View or fix iMIS configuration....

Under Conversion Program Path:

Verify that the Expected Value is the correct path to the installed GL Processor program, and click " Fix Setting". This will update the setting in iMIS so that the GL Processor will be automatically run after each G/L Export is run from iMIS Desktop.

After fixing this setting, any users currently logged in to iMIS Desktop will need to exit and restart the desktop app before this setting takes effect. (Only applies to users who perform G/L Exports.)

Press OK to close this window.


Refer to the GL Processor main documentation page for a full reference on these fields.

  1. Set the Active Processor to the accounting software you use.

  2. Next to iMIS output path, click Browse... and locate the Output Path folder that you configured in the Prerequisites section above. (e.g. S:\Accounting\GL\From iMIS\)

  3. For File name(s), enter a wildcard search pattern that matches what iMIS will write. For example, if iMIS is configured to write a file called GLint.csv, you can use *.csv or GLint.csv.

  4. Next to Input Path, click Browse... and locate the Input Path folder that you configured in the Prerequisites section above.

  5. In the File name field, enter a filename template that will be used to name the resulting output file. Token replacements are supported such as {date} for the current date. The full list of replacement fields can be found on the main documentation page.

  6. Next to Archive path, click Browse... and locate the Archive Path folder that you configured in the Prerequisites section above.

Click Save & Close. The program will exit.

The main documentation page contains instructions on how to run the GL Processor, either from iMIS Desktop, or ad-hoc.

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