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Table: csi_iDonate_Tokens


The csi_iDonate_Tokens table is designed to store any saved credit card tokens for use by individuals who are logged in.

Refer to this article on Tokenization to learn more about how payment tokens work. The tokens stored in this table are referred to in the article as LVTs (Low-value tokens) or Security tokens because they cannot be used to process a payment or obtain a card number by themselves. Therefore, this method of storing payment tokens is (tick) PCI DSS compliant.


Column Type Notes
Token NVARCHAR(32) Token Value/String
Service NVARCHAR(32) Name of the associated service (e.g. “BluePay”)
ServiceAccount NVARCHAR(32) (BluePay) Account ID associated with this token
Type NVARCHAR(32) Credit Card Account type (Visa/Discover/etc) or “ACH” for ACH.
LastFour NVARCHAR(4) Last 4 digits of the account number
ExpMo NVARCHAR(2) Expiration month (2-digit) – NULL for ACH
ExpYr NVARCHAR(4) Expiration year (4-digit) – NULL for ACH
ValidThrough DATETIME Computed expiration date of the credit card, but does not consider optional BluePay Account Updater feature, so should not be used for any important calculations – NULL for ACH
LastUsed DATETIME The date that this token was last used as a gift payment method

Primary Key: Composed of (Token, Service, ServiceAccount) – one record may not have the same token per service name per service account.


  • A user may have more than one payment token

  • A token may appear expired based on the initial expiration date or ValidThrough date, but may renew automatically via BluePay’s account auto updatre feature, if enabled

  • A token that is known to be invalid/expired should be deleted from this table

  • Users may elect to delete their stored payment tokens from this table via the CSiDonate donation form – this feature will be made available in a future update to the product

  • “Service” will always be “BluePay” at the time of writing this documentation

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