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System Requirements

CSiDonate is a web-based application that is installed by CSI into your iMIS environment, either on your iMIS app server, or another web server located on the same intranet.

Hosting Requirements

  • CSiDonate Client / Front-End

    • A dedicated IIS site (e.g. or

      • Public IP / Public DNS for this website

      • SSL Certificate (single or wildcard) for this website

      SQL Server (iMIS DB) connectivity (Port 1433)

    • Connectivity to iMIS app server / ASI Scheduler site (Ports 80/443)

  • CSiDonate Webservices / API

    • Installed into the ASI Scheduler

    • (For BluePay Recurring Payments Only) Scheduler must be accessible publicly via DNS (e.g. or

Minimum Software Requirements

Unless otherwise noted, all newer versions of the software listed below are supported up to the current GA release.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012

    • IIS 7.0

    • WMF / PowerShell v3.0

  • SQL Server 2012

  • iMIS 2017 (SP N.2 or newer)

    • Fundraising module licensing

Web Browser Requirements

CSiDonate is a modern web application and supports the following web browsers:

  •  Google Chrome (most recent 3 major versions)

  •  Mozilla Firefox (most recent 3 major versions)

  •  Apple Safari (most recent 2 major versions)

  •  Microsoft Edge (most recent 2 major versions)

  •  iOS Safari (most recent 3 major versions)

  •  Android Chrome (most recent 3 major versions)

CSiDonate does not support any version of Internet Explorer. You can enable a user-facing warning message for Internet Explorer users encouraging users to download and install a more modern browser. 

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