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System Requirements

CSiDonate is a web-based application that is installed by CSI into your iMIS environment, either on your iMIS app server, or another web server located on the same intranet.

Hosting Requirements

  • CSiDonate Client / Front-End
    • A dedicated IIS site (e.g. give.example.org or donate.example.org)
      • Public IP / Public DNS for this website
      • SSL Certificate (single or wildcard) for this website
      SQL Server (iMIS DB) connectivity (Port 1433)
    • Connectivity to iMIS app server / ASI Scheduler site (Ports 80/443)
  • CSiDonate Webservices / API
    • Installed into the ASI Scheduler
    • (For BluePay Recurring Payments Only) Scheduler must be accessible publicly via DNS (e.g. imis.example.org/Asi.Scheduler_EXAMPLE/ or imisapi.example.org)

Minimum Software Requirements

Unless otherwise noted, all newer versions of the software listed below are supported up to the current GA release.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
    • IIS 7.0
    • WMF / PowerShell v3.0
  • SQL Server 2012
  • iMIS 2017 (SP N.2 or newer)
    • Fundraising module licensing

Web Browser Requirements

CSiDonate is a modern web application and supports the following web browsers:

  •  Google Chrome (most recent 3 major versions)
  •  Mozilla Firefox (most recent 3 major versions)
  •  Apple Safari (most recent 2 major versions)
  •  Microsoft Edge (most recent 2 major versions)
  •  iOS Safari (most recent 3 major versions)
  •  Android Chrome (most recent 3 major versions)

CSiDonate does not support any version of Internet Explorer. You can enable a user-facing warning message for Internet Explorer users encouraging users to donwload and install a more modern browser.