iDMS Release Notes

iDMS 1.17 - November 2022 (11/7/2022)

New Features 

  • Trigger your iDMS job from another source! Check the online documentation out here.
  • Flexibility using the BillSubscription Flag when inserting Subscriptions. Setting Bill Amount, be able to add a subscription but not bill the contact, etc. See enhancement details here.  
  • Handling unknown errors from REST API There are times when iDMS receives an error from the REST API call and it is sometimes vague. We have provided a stepped process for this now.
  • Full Name Tribute When adding a gift, you can now add the full name tribute rather than having to specify the iMIS ID.
  • Ability to clear shopping cart. You can use the DELETE action to clear member shopping carts.
  • Skip Blank Match On This is an option (currently defaults to ON). At runtime, if any match on fields have a blank value, the record is skipped.
  • Enhancing ability to add files to File Content fields in Panels You now are only required to supply the public file url when adding a file to a panel field. 
  • iDMS Templates now sorted in Alpha order

 Bugs Handled

  • Fixed an issue where if on INSERT of a contact record, if the member type is not specified and the default member type does not have Is Member specified, record was added as a company record. It will now create a person record.
  • Fixed an issue when importing Fundraising records, the Gift Date, if not specified, should be set to the Transaction Date.
  • Fixed an issue when deleting a Company Admin relationship
  • Fixed an issue when creating inactive subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue when updating a panel, do not create a new record if one is missing.
  • Fixed an issue where iDMS was trying to process blank rows in the import
  • Fixed an issue for the license check on iUpdate jobs where jobs will now STOP running when a client agreement becomes null/invalid
  • Fixed an issue when using the LIMIT Rows within an IQA, iDMS was not recognising the value.
  • Fixed an issue where iDMS was defaulting date fields to 12:00:00AM. It will now read the time value on import.
  • Fixed an issue when trying to insert a username/login that is a duplicate. A clear message is now returned to the user.

iDMS 1.16 - September 2022

New Features 

  • Coming Soon: Link your Cloud ID's! Have multiple Cloud ID's that you want to link together? No problem! You can now link these ID's (multiple) within your cloud dashboard - My Account. Then utilise iUpdate to run IQA's from your linked Cloud ID's.
  • Import Event Registrations! Now have the ability to import all of your event registrations in mass into EMS through iImport!

 Bugs Handled

  • Corrected an issue where the Continue On Error is not working for scheduled tasks.
  • Added "Incurs Shipping Charges" checkbox for the Products data source.
  • If ID does not exist in Contact, it should not be creating a Panel record.
iDMS 1.15 - August 2022

New Features 

  • Products in Cloud Professional. Commerce products and gift items can now be created and updated in iMIS 100.3!
iDMS 1.14 - July 2022

Our focus this release was to enhance the user experience and to add the ability to work with invoices and dues payments. Learn more about importing payments.

New Features 

  • Pay Open Invoices. Yes, you read that right! You can now pay open invoices by providing relevant invoice information in your import file.
  • Overpay Dues Payments. Do your ever receive dues payments that overpay what is owed? You can now import those payments, and when a member's dues billing is overpaid, a pre-pay AR item is created for the member.
  • Enable/Disable iSchedule Tasks. You can now easily enable or disable iSchedule tasks. 

 Updates & Enhancements 

  • Match on this Field language improved for clarity.
  • iSchedule tasks may now be sorted by column headers.

 Bugs Handled

  • Corrected an issue where the job failure email notifications were not always executing as requested.
  • Corrected an issue where the Continue with Update button was not disabled when Require Match On was selected but then no Match On field had been defined.
  • Corrected an issue where re-saving a Template did not honor the previously saved Category.
  • Corrected an issue where a scheduled task would not delete when its corresponding IQA query no longer existed.

  • Improved job detail logging when lengthy mappings made it difficult to review and read logged entries.

iDMS 1.13.3 - May 2022


We have deployed hotfixes for the following items:

  • Corrected an issue where the state/province field was errantly cleared out for addresses in the United Kingdom.
  • Corrected an issue where IQA queries needed aliases to process correct. Moving forward, field aliases are no longer necessary. 
  •  Corrected an issue where IQA query filters incorrectly displayed as undefined.

 New Features 

Our focus this release was to provide additional import destinations (i.e., products, standalone panels), enhance validation and related error messaging, and add new safeguards so you can use iDMS with confidence. 

  • Match On Only One Record. Build a failsafe into your jobs so that if more than one record with a particular ID would be effected, abort the job.
    • Why is this cool? If you've ever imported activities, it may have crossed your mind that a slip up could cause you to overwrite all activities for the effected records. If your job should only be looking at one activity per ID, with this option enabled, your job will conclude as soon as a second match is found. 

  • Importing Products. Now you can import as many color and size t-shirt variations as you'd like – and with a little styling here and there, your end users won't even realize they're multiple products!
    • EMS  Product definitions can now be imported. 
    • 2017  Products are still able to be imported using the CsProduct business object.  Please be aware there may be other tables/objects (Product_Price , Product_Inventory , etc.) that must be updated as well with 2017.

  • Support for Insert/Update to Standalone Panels. Previously, you could insert or update to a standalone panel, but not both at the same time (Insert/Update).  This is very powerful for multi-instance standalone panels.
    • EMS Single and multi-instance standalone panels can now be a destination for the Insert/Update import type.

      Standalone panels can allow you to store custom data as well as expand upon data you already have in iMIS. 
      In these examples, there is already a data structure in iMIS for these particular items (i.e., products and funds). Using iDMS, you can extend these un-editable system tables to meet your organization's needs. 

      Example 1: Products & Single Instance Panels. We want to store additional details about each product. 

      1. Create a new single-instance standalone source with a field for a product.
      2. Use iImport/iSchedule to populate your new table with each product you have (be sure to use a NOT EXISTS in your query to avoid duplicates).
      3. Add extra fields for the custom information you'd like to store about your products. Consider: 
        • Storing best sales month figures 
        • Number of unique purchasers 
        • Internal notes about a product 

      Example 2: Fund Progression & Multi-Instance Panels. We want to have a monthly snapshot of each of our funds to be able to creates charts and graphs to understand growth over time. 

      1. Create a new multi-instance standalone source with a field for a fund.
      2. Use iImport/iSchedule to populate your new table with each fund you have (be sure to use a NOT EXISTS in your query to avoid duplicates).
      3. Using iSchedule, on the first of each month, add a new row with the custom information you'd like to store about your funds. Consider:
        • Total funds raised last month
        • Total funds raised ever
        • Total donations last month 
        • Total donations ever 
        • Total unique donors last month
        • Total unique donors ever 
        • Most common campaign code or source code (appeal)

 Updates & Enhancements 

  • Billing payments now supports importing check number. 
  • Match on nearly any contact field to make the most of any dataset you have.

  • Validation checks on inserts to ensure ID is mapped.
  • Validation checks on contact inserts to ensure either last name or company is mapped.

  • Speed improvements when loading business objects to make mapping even quicker. 
  • Error logging details can now be easily accessed on the Log Summary screen. 
  • Housekeeping with our logs to keep them clean and easy to read. 
  • Miscellaneous updates to the iDMS infrastructure ensuring you have the best possible experience. 

 Bugs Handled

  • Clarified error messaging when matching iMIS ID on a user-defined table.
  • Clarified error messaging when importing billing products and matching on Major_Key .
  • Clarified error messaging when an iUpdate query has been deleted or the path has changed.

  • Corrected an issue where billing payments displayed for iMIS 2017 environments.
  • Corrected an issue where deleting scheduled tasks caused an issue. 
  • Corrected an issue where expression builder fields in a query caused an issue. 
  • Corrected an issue where retrying jobs would fail when working with slow queries. 
  • Corrected an issue where importing a product without a category caused an issue. 
  • Corrected an issue where importing to multi-instance panel sources caused an issue. 
  • Corrected an issue where retrieving cloud IDs from our service fabric caused an issue (sounds fancy, huh?)
  • Corrected an issue where subscriptions displayed for iMIS 2017 environments. To import subscriptions in 2017, use the CsSubscriptions business object.


  • Ability to Insert with Validation (844)
  • Database Performance Improvements (1055)
  • CsContact/Contact Remove Dupes (1042)
  • Adjust Update Functionality for Panel Sources and UD tables (1083)
  • Remove Committees from Dropdown under Delete (1074)
  • Add ability to sort fields listed in Alpha order (1027)
  • Add clue to Contact to check CsContacts (1003)
  • Remove NoteNum from CsNameNote Panel Source (1044)
  • Enhance wording when a module is clicked on and the end user is not licensed. (1024)
  • Template warning should not show if notify is set differently (1035)
  • Ability to delete delete iMIS data
  • Subscriptions not writing correctly
  • Mappings layout changed
  • Make Options editable from Load Template Mappings
  • Add IsMembershipComponent to Subscriptions
  • Add Sequence field to Activity
  • Add BirthDate and Gender to mappable fields for contact
  • Data Retention Policy Adjustment - Purge all spreadsheets after 72 hours.
  • Rename Import Action Buttons / Change Import Functionality
    • From: Create Only / Update Only / Update or Create - To: Insert / Insert with Matching / Update / Insert/Update
  • Improve performance and notification abilities for more effective troubleshooting.
  • Added support for mapping the "OrderDate" (EFFECTIVE_DATE) on gifts
  • (iMIS EMS only) Added support for mapping / writing to a gift's Transaction Date field
  • Added job duration display to the dashboard
  • Added the ability to see the number of create and update operations for each job on the dashboard
  • Added the ability to categorize templates (All existing templates are now in a default category called "General")
  • Improved verbiage and information on the Job Failure notification email
  • Improve internal CSI monitoring of systems to react to processing issues faster
  • Improved handling of attachment URL fetching when HTTP response is not successful
  • Support Importing and Updating Gen Tables
  • Support adding and removing Roles from users
  • Support unlocking locked user accounts
  • Ability to mark contacts for erasure
  • Support Importing and Updating Subscriptions
  • Allow specifying email address to send failure notifications to separately for each import
  • Support Importing and Updating Communication Preferences
  • Ability to Email when an import fails
  • Gift/Donation Importer
  • Excel Sheet name to validation screen
  • Internal performance improvements
  • Disabled the Business Objects dropdown source for iMIS 20.3 and iMIS 100
  • Ability to Import/Update Group Members (Committees and Relationships)
  • Ability to create credentials limited to iMIS 20.3
  • Ability to Import/Export Templates
  • Various UI changes
  • Cancel import during execution
  • Attach files to Panel Sources
  • Ability to Export records that failed
  • iDMS Licensing conversion
1.4.1311/25/2020ASI API endpoint adjustment
  • Task Schedule - Execute your import on a schedule
  • Skip validation step - Options
  • Automatically continue importing if an error is received.
  • Allow import of usernames and passwords
1.3.114/15/2020Update major key search to use Contact/CsContact in lieu of Name
1.3.104/8/2020Increase field lengths for 20.3 and higher
1.3.63/2/2020Changeset 18676: Resolve CW 91853 / ZIASA2 / Username Fields; Fix Issues importing to 100/200
1.3.52/12/2020Changeset 18608: Modification to fix issue with 100/200 import (CW 90636)
1.3.42/6/2020Changeset 18594: Comment out Gender as work around for incompatibiity in rest api between iMIS versions (CW 90636)
1.3.32/3/2020Changeset 18577: Check for iMIS major version 100 on Find Party and Update Party - change to use ID (CW 90636)
1.3.21/20/2020Changeset 18508: Resolve CW 91582 / ZAAA3 / iImport - AAAIMIS


Changeset 18462: Resolve CW 91205 / CAUSEIS / iImport Cloud Validation performing slowly
1.3.012/20/2019Changeset 18441: Resolve CW 90931 / CSI / Ability to select Business Object
1.2.1712/17/2019Changeset 18432: Resolve CW 90412 / ZIASA2 / Mapping Issues
1.2.1612/3/2019Changeset 18375: release new service fabric build for iimport cloud. Changeset 18373: Fix invalid cast datetime to string (CW 90412)
1.2.1511/11/2019Changeset 18283: Resolve CW 90005 / CSI / iImport Cloud - Ignore Blank Values
1.2.1411/6/2019Changeset 18252: Work in progress CW 85943 / CSI / On-Going Support
1.2.139/10/2019Changeset 18002: Work in progress CW 88486 / ZNCNZ / iImport Cloud not accepting spreadsheet
1.2.109/6/2019Changeset 17997: Resolve CW 88224 / ZNCNZ / Issue when we try to open a previously saved template - URGENT