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iDMS - iMIS Data Management Suite


The iMIS Data Management Suite (iDMS) is a suite of products designed to be everything you'll need when it comes to managing your data.

Currently, iDMS consists of 4 separate modules:

  • iImport Cloud: Easily import or update data from a spreadsheet into iMIS
  • iUpdate Cloud: Replicate stored procedures and update (or even insert) data into iMIS via an IQA (query)
  • iSchedule: Schedule the above jobs to run in the future (including off hours) or on a recurring basis
  • iTransfer: Create jobs that export and send data (JSON, CSV, etc) to 3rd parties (LMS, Certifying Boards, Fullfillment Houses).  Receive notifications as needed (Success/Failure).  Webhook functionality to allow those 3rd parties to write information (Activities) back to iMIS (Program Completion, Certification, Orders).

Search iDMS Documentation 

Getting Started in iDMS

An overview of iDMS and all of the products in its suite, as well as a glossary of commonly used iDMS vocabulary

iDMS Dashboard

Navigating the iDMS dashboard


A table of our tutorials with written walkthroughs. Videos for product overviews and select tutorials

iImport and iUpdate Cloud 

Import and update data in iMIS using a spreadsheet (iImport) or an IQA query (iUpdate)


Schedule imports or updates to run off hours and/or repeatedly 


Troubleshooting common iDMS problems

Compatibility Chart

A chart of which products and actions work with iMIS 2017 and EMS

Release Notes

Updated release notes

System Requirements:  Requires iMIS 2017 SP Z (or higher) or iMIS EMS Professional/Enterprise