Our Cvent Integration allows your Meetings and Events setup by Cvent to be imported into your iMIS database. In our initial phase, this consists of creating meeting and functions Activity records for your members. It also features determining which members are allowed to register for specifics events in Cvent using an Intelligent Query Architect (IQA) configured from iMIS. This includes a Single Sign On process to enable authenticated users from your association website to register for a Cvent meeting.

We have worked in conjunction with Cvent to provide you and your customers with a seamless integration. Our CSI Cloud application acts as the middleware that ties these two systems together, Cvent and iMIS. It is a cloud-based architecture facilitating the control over the integration setup and offering great flexibility.


Attendee Workflow

A common case scenario:

  1. An attendee visits the association's website
    1. And browses the meeting web page displaying the upcoming event

      It is recommended to secure the meeting web page in permitting access to authenticated users only.

  2. The attendee clicks on a link from the content page
    1. The link is provided and rendered by our Single Sign On widget
      1. It can be a RiSE iPart
      2. Or it can be a Web User Control (in case of a Public View website)
    2. This link is configured to reference a Cvent event code
      1. A Cvent event code will be made available on the CSI Cloud Cvent Event Configuration section
  3. The link sends the attendee context information to our CSI Cloud Cvent middleware application
    1. The middleware performs a number of validations
      1. Ensure member is authenticated and authorized for the event selected
        1. This is performed by running an IQA associated with the event
      2. Identify registrant in Cvent using their Standard Service API
        1. This creates or updates attendee information in Cvent based on IQA result returned
    2. And upon success the attendee is redirected to the Cvent registration website
  4. Attendee completes their registration
    1. Once the event is done Cvent will trigger their webhooks
      1. CSI Cloud Cvent middleware provides an endpoint to receive Cvent information
      2. This allows creation and update of the iMIS Activity records


  1. iMIS
    • ASI Scheduler Endpoint
      • iMIS version 2017, iMIS EMS Enterprise, and iMIS EMS Professional
      • Enable access to the CSI Cloud API endpoint. Instructions for this are available in the Environment Setup article.
    • IQA
      • Associated with each event
      • Must accept optionally as parameters either an iMIS ID or an Email Address
      • Columns name will be used to match a registrant field information in Cvent
    • Association's Website
      • For example: either RiSE or Public View
      • Requires installation of widget, either iPart or Web User Control

    It is highly recommended to limit external network access to your REST API endpoint. For this reason, we suggest using a whitelist to control who can access those services.

  2. Cvent
    • Staff User Account
      • Enables event registration setup
      • Enables CSI Cloud Cvent integration configuration
        • Need to setup webhook endpoint and access token key
    • API Credentials – provided by Cvent
      • To be entered and used by CSI Cloud Cvent middleware
  3. CSI Cloud
    • Cloud ID – provided by CSI
      • Enables access to the CSI Cloud middleware
      • Please contact us for additional information